The feet are prone to developing all sorts of bumps and lumps. An danger sometimes arises when people spot one type of growth and begin self-treatment according to what they think it is, when in fact, the growth is something entirely different. The plantar wart is often a prime target of such mistaken identity. Because they commonly occur on the the bottom, or “plantar”, part of the foot or toes, warts can appear to the untrained eye to be corns or callouses. Characteristics include spongy appearance and small dark spots(from blood vessels that feed the warts) in the center. A faint,light ring may encircle the growths. An accurate diagnosis can be the first step toward safe, successful removal.

Feet seem especially susceptible to skin problems of all kinds, including warts. It might be because of the time they spend in the dark, moist places or it might be because of the lack of attention they get. Whatever the cause, a podiatrist is well equipped to to help provide the cure, from medications to surgery. Here at Family Foot and Ankle Care we use several state of the art treatments for warts.

Dr. Marc Fink

P.S. Most surgical wart removals takes only a few minutes and is relatively painless with the patient walking away after the procedure.