You may first notice an odd tint to your toenails,perhaps with yellow,white or brown streaks. In time, the nails might seem to thicken and lift up from the toe. Nails may even begin to grow in strange formations,such as sideways or back toward the toe. These symptoms are characteristic of a condition called fungus nail, in which a fungus similar to that of so-called athlete’s foot grows up under the nail. If left to continue unchecked, fungus can seriously damage the underlying nail plate and matrix. Because the condition tends to advance slowly, however,it can progress for some time before being caught. Treatment may involve use of topical and oral medication and in severe cases toenail removal.

If a fungus nail or other nail problem does manage to get past your regular regimin of good foot care, don’t try to treat it yourself. “Bathroom surgery” is often responsible for even more damage and prolonged discomfort. Instead visit your podiatrist for quick, efficient, appropriate treatment. Here at Family Foot and Ankle Care we treat all kinds of feet for all kinds of problems, with an emphasis on stopping your foot pain.

Dr. Marc Fink

P.S. Fungus nail can also be a sign of serious illness,such as diabetes.

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