A podiatrist is the physician known to go to for foot and ankle surgery,removing warts,fixing ingrown toenails and such. In fact, a podiatrist works with a variety of treatments, of which surgery is just one. To ease pain or help healing, a podiatrist may offer physical therapies such as massage, whirlpool, heat or cold and ultrasound. Casting or splinting may be used to immobilize an injury. Medications may be ordered to treat infections,pain and inflammation. Custom made shoe or inserts,called orthotics my be prescribed to enhance comfort and mobility. Corn and callouses may be debrided to relieve pressure and even routine foot care such as nail trimming, can be a life saver.

When you visit our offices at Family Foot and Ankle Care we will discuss your medical history as well as conduct a lower extremity physical exam and utilize diagnostic tests to determine your foot and ankle problems. Once a diagnosis is made, we’ll develop a treatment plan designed to relieve your discomfort or correct the problem. We’ll also give you helpful tips for avoiding foot problems in the future. We offer a wide range of modern treatments and procedures.

Dr. Marc Fink

P.S. When surgery is necessary, it is often done on an outpatient basis, and the patient goes home that same day.

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