If there is one thing that everyone in the national debate on health care would probably agree on, it is that it is all terribly complicated. Medicare rules and regulations are just one part of the picture, but for many older Americans in particular, they are often the most confused about what is covered. For example, not all patients can qualify for routine foot care such as nail debridement and the shaving of corns and callouses. A patient’s primary care physician must qualify the patient based on certain diagnosis to receive this care under Medicare. Other services though, are covered such as bunions, foot and ankle sprains, circulation issues and arthritis care. Medicare will cover a wide range of podiatric services. Nothing these days are simple, but do not neglect foot care because of uncertainty about insurance or Medicare coverage.

If you have questions about Medicare coverage for foot and ankle problems, please do not put off calling us. We do not want you to ignore foot and ankle pain and problems in the hopes that they will go away and you will not have to face the prospect of costly medical bills. Actually taking care of the small problems can prevent most of the big ones from even occurring at all,cutting down on costs for everyone. For complete foot and ankle care call Family Foot and Ankle Care at 757-547-3668!

Dr. Marc Fink

P.S. A podiatrist is a doctor who cares for the foot and ankle, and is able to prescribe medications and perform surgery

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