Some kinds of pain you just can’t ignore! A case in point occurs when a nerve under the weight-bearing part of the foot becomes pinched or trapped between skin and bone over a period of time, resulting in a protective growth called a neuroma. This thickened nerve typically will eventually grow to press on nearby bones, resulting in the symptoms described variously as burning, stabbing, pins-and-needles, cramping, or shooting pain. Unlike a passing muscle cramp, the discomfort of a neuroma does not cause the toes to change position. While neuromas can be terribly painful, a change in footwear, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and steroid medications, and possible use of orthotics (prescription shoe inserts) can often relieve the condition.

If you suffer from sharp pain, numbness, or a burning feeling in your toes, a nerve or a back condition (radiculopathy), and/or diabetic neuropathy may also be the cause. Nerve conditions can be hard to detect. At Family Foot and Ankle Care, we use the latest diagnostic testing for nerve problems. We are trained to identify them, relieve any pain they cause, and correct them wherever possible.

Dr. Marc Fink

P.S. Neur means “nerve” and oma means “tumor”, but a neuroma is actually a thickening of nerve tissue, not a true tumor.

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