Next time you develop a hard, painful, corn, treat it with tenderness. After all,corns are usually just the feet’s way if trying to protect themselves from such abuses as the friction of poorly fitting shoes or misaligned toes. A corn starts to form when persistent friction causes the blood supply to increase to a given spot on the foot. This speeds up the production of corn cells, which then multiply to form a protective shield against the friction. Over time, a hard central core forms inside the corn, killing the healthy cells below in a cone shape. The larger the corn, the deeper the point of this hard cone extends into the foot. Treatment may range from changing footwear to surgical removal.

Painful corns have probably caused more foot pain and misery than any other single problem. And since life is complicated enough without having to contend with problems that can be corrected, professional advice from a podiatist, someone who has been specially trained to care for feet and ankles and their particular problems, is your best defense. We are on your side here at Family Foot and Ankle Care, whether you are dealing with corns, callouses, hammertoes, nail disorders,sports injuries,bunions or arthritis.

Dr. Marc Fink

P.S. Never try to to trim a corn’s hard tissue yourself. It is too easy to cut normal tissue, inviting infection.