What is a classic picture of relief? Relaxing in a comfy chair, a soothing cup of tea, or warm milk in hand, feet plunged into a tub of water. The fact is, foot soaks can be beneficial to tired feet, as well as an important part of therapy for painful conditions such as arthritis. Warm whirlpool baths can gently massage sore joints and muscles, even speed healing. There are several precautions that must be observed, however. The water should be between 93 to 102 degrees(lower if the whole body is submerged), and gentle foot exercises should be done during the soak to prevent pooling of blood and swelling. Also, take care that circulation is not cut off by tightly rolled-up pant legs or the edge of the tub.

Most people suffer from some kind of foot or ankle disorder-from athlete’s foot or ingrown toenails to bunions,hammartoes or corns. Tight-fitting or high-heeled shoes are often the culprits, but heredity, poor foot care, injuries or medical conditions can also cause problems. Whatever the state of your feet, your podiatrist can treat your problems to restore your comfort and ease of movement, and recommend action, like foot soaks.We at Family Foot and Ankle Care can find a solution to your aching feet and ankles with numerous state of the art treatments.

Dr. Marc Fink

P.S. A solution of Epsom salts makes a great way to soak your feet and if you are diabetic just use half the recommended amount on the instructions.


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