One of the longest running myths about foot care is that ingrown toenails are self-treatable. Just angle or cut down the corners of your toenails and they will not have a chance to become ingrown-or so the story goes. Unfortunately, that myth is in fact just a myth, a false notion. One of the worst things you can do in an attempt to either prevent or treat ingrown toenails is to cut down the corners. The reason is that toenails grow out from the matrix, inside the toe. A nail becomes ingrown when the tissue surrounding it closes in on the sides of the nail, making it appear that the nail is growing out of the flesh. Ingrown nails require professional care. Left untreated, pain and infection are likely to result.

Do you have a painful or unsightly nail problem? Do not hide behind these five dangerous words-“maybe it will go away”. Nail problems are common complaints, but most do not just disappear on their own. Your podiatrist can can treat them effectively with medication,surgical procedures, and routine podiatric care, such as nail debridements.
Do not take your feet for granted-call us at Family Foot and Ankle Care.
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Dr. Marc Fink

P.S. Routine diabetic foot examinations can prevent ingrown toenails with periodic nail debridements.

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