Foot problems are among the most common complications for people with diabetes. The good news ,though,is that there is much an individual can do to make sure feet stay healthy. The key is circulation,and that means exercise. For generally healthy people, walking is an excellent exercise, improving circulation and helping keep the feet fit and flexible. Just observe a few cautions: Walk at a steady pace for as long as possible every day, but stop if pain occurs. Also, do some warm-ups before the walk, including such exercises as heel raises (moving up and down onto tiptoe),knee bends, and leg sweeps(with one hand on a chair back,stand with one leg on a book, swinging the other leg back and forth).

Don’t ignore foot pain. Quick attention is the best assurance of speedy recovery and prevention of the serious consequences of diseases like diabetes. Here at Family Foot and Ankle Care, we want you back into your normal routine as comfortably and as quickly as possible-just like you do! We offer a complete range of nonsurgical and surgical treatments for your foot problems, and we are committed to helping you make the best treatment decision for your needs.

Dr. Marc Fink

P.S. Even the most restricted, bed-ridden patients need some form of exercise.

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