Even before children are old enough to use their feet for little more than waving in the air, parents should give some thought to foot care. To allow muscles to develop, a baby should never be bundled so tightly that feet are restricted from moving freely. Also, use baby walkers and jumpers with caution. Early overuse of walkers may cause muscles in the back of the leg to shorten, and walkers have been associated with a variety of injuries. When letting the child bounce in a jumper, place something soft, such as an exercise mat, under the feet to avoid stressing bones. Use bathing or changing times to watch for the signs of foot trouble, including growth, swelling, discoloration or tenderness.

From baby’s tender toes to Grandma’s more “experienced” feet, we can all greatly benefit from regular podiatric care. In addition to treating diseases, disorders and deformities, we counsel our patients on how to prevent future foot problems from developing. We offer foot care for the feet and ankles of all shapes and sizes at Family Foot and Ankle Care. We are the complete practice for all the family.

Dr. Marc Fink

P.S. Some children are born with extra toes or web toes, these usually can be surgically corrected

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